Making Social Personal again!

The customer’s perceptionis your reality

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What Can We Do To Provide Your Business


Virtual Sales Agents

We have in excess of 180 Virtual Sales Agents that will have access to drive Prospective Clients to you


Landing Page

Optimally structured to ensure you have maximum uptake, from the Prospective clients driven to your Landing Page. You will receive an email with their requirements and contact details.


Less Risk and Overhead

No capital to pay salaries directly. Only commission based on actual sales. Less Overheads, Less Risk, Optimal Benefit.


Our Vision

Where AI fails, human intervention prevails!

AI is the future yes, but people buy from people. Our vision is to become the link that makes Social Personal again.

The way a client perceives your business in the beginning is a good indication of how they will perceive you in the end.

Give your business the best initial introduction to ensure future success!

Costing Model

Pricing Pannel

Virtual Sales Force

R499.99/ Month

R1699.98 Setup Fee

  • You provide the Marketing Message and Content
  • You design and furnish us with your images
  • You design and furnish us with your Social Media Advertisements and wording
  • We create your landing page based on the content you provided.

Virtual Sales Force - Done for you

R499.99/ Month

R2999,99 Setup Fee

  • Product and Service Consultation
  • Development of Marketing Message and Content
  • Design Graphics
  • Design Social Media Advertisements
  • Investigate keywords and hashtags


What Our Clients Say

"Wow, you've nailed it. I love it"
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